PHOTOS: Jabari Bakes Jabari Bars

Can you tell us the history of the Jabari Bar?

The name came from a kid out in Walnut Creek.  Most of the early reviews were good.  I started back in 7th grade for Thanksgiving at my Uncle Joe’s house.  I thought it would be nice if I pitched in and helped my mom.  That’s where it started.  My mom gave me the recipe and ingredients.  When I was asked to make a dessert one day, I took it from there.

Can you tell us the ingredients?

It’s a secret.  I don’t like giving out my ingredients.  When I have to make the dessert, I like to make this out of the blue.  It’s the only thing I really know how to make so it has to last a lifetime.  I haven’t done it outside of Chicago until this time.  This will be a first and I think it will get good reviews.

Can you tell us your single favorite ingredient though?

My favorite ingredient that I sometimes slip up on and taste is the condensed milk.  It’s really sweet.

Will you share any Jabari Bars with your teammates?

I may give them to some of the guys.  Amile and Marshall — guys who seek to put on weight — the skinnier guys.  I don’t need any.  I am trying to keep my weight down.

Can you talk about why you baked the bars?

We are thankful for the Crazies.  I thought it would be pretty sweet to give them some food.  They are there the entire time waiting in line.  When I give it to them, it’s a thank you.

It seems like you have an old-school cooking style?

I am an old school guy, came from an old-school background.  Growing up I was taught to use the things that are given to you.  Your hands.  Your eyes.  Not measuring cups.  I think that if you use your care and heart, the food tastes better and it is more significant.

Any chance you may pursue a cooking career on the side?

I have been blessed with basketball my whole life.  Cooking may be an aspiration, but not something I will succeed at.  I think I should stick with basketball like everyone would tell me back in grade school when I would try out for different things.

These Jabari Bars are a great example of the effort you’ve made to connect with the community here.  What’s your inspiration for that?

Sometimes people take basketball too seriously.  I am passionate about it.  It’s my love.  But what matters most is the type of person I am.   You want to take time out of your day for others.  I don’t get on social media and talk about what I’ve done.  I just want people to know me for who Jabari is and not just as a basketball player.


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