Nice remarks from Coach K after Senior Night in Cameron:

“It is unique and it makes you remember the times where that was always the case. There’s no question that it’s not just becoming a better basketball player – they become men. They’re going to graduate from Duke. They’re great students, they’re older, they get it. As this goes on over the four years you’re in a program, you’re going to learn more your third and fourth year more because you can receive more. These guys are sponges and they wanted it. My daughter, wife and I always take our seniors out to eat – our senior managers and players – and we had a really nice time last night. You’re just sitting at the table and you’re saying, ‘How did you get this lucky to be with these people who are just the best?’ Believe me, I cherish the time.”


Seniors Then/Now

March 5, 2013 - Posted By Dave Bradley


Gameday in Cameron

March 9, 2013 - Posted By Dave Bradley