In 2011-12, Duke had the NBA’s most productive alumni group.  Blue Devils in the NBA combined to score 8,292 points, grab 3,487 boards and dish out 1,663 assists, resulting in a first place finish in our annual NBA Fantasy League.

Duke’s most productive NBA alums this season were Carlos Boozer (2178.60 fantasy points), Kyrie Irving (1798.60), Luol Deng (1779.80), Elton Brand (1755.80), and Gerald Henderson (1464.40).  All 16 Devils in the NBA produced at least 350 fantasy points, with 12 registering 700 or more.

Duke finished first for the second time in six years.  Next in line was UCLA, Kentucky and UNC.

2011-12 NBA Fantasy League Results
1. Duke: 17815.20
2. UCLA: 16666.30
3. Kentucky: 15355.80
4. UNC: 14891.30

Most Points Scored by College Alumni  (2011-12 NBA Regular Season)
1. Duke: 8292
2. UCLA: 7701
3. UNC: 6667
4. Kentucky: 6334

*Special thanks to Dave McSwain (great fan, friend of DBP) for running the fantasy league.

Likely Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving helped Duke alums score the most points in the NBA in 2011-12


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