The Blue Devils met with the media yesterday to talk Duke hoops leading up to Friday’s season-opener vs. Belmont (9 PM, ESPNU).  And freshman Austin Rivers offered this great quote about playing for Coach K and Duke:

“It’s amazing.  It is not only just Coach K, it’s the whole Duke nation.   There’s a legacy from what’s been done here.   One thing I’d say about our team is we don’t take this for granted.   We don’t just come here and say ‘Oh Duke was so great, now we get to come in and be Duke players.’  There’s a responsibility for us to keep it going.   Players — I am really close with Nolan and those guys — they came in here and kept it going.   That’s something I want to do this year.   I want another great season for Duke.   It’s so fun to play for that.   We’re not playing for individual stuff.  It is really nice to play for something that is way bigger than you.  That’s one thing about Duke — Everything here is so much bigger than anybody.  It’s amazing.”

In other media day news: the team is excited to help Coach K to reach a monumental milestone, and, in no surprise to Duke fans, the Blue Devils are working on tightening up the defense.


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November 7, 2011 - Posted By Dave Bradley


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