Comments from Team USA during the 2010 Worlds

“He’s letting me go out there and gamble a little bit.  We’re not used to that in Oklahoma City.  In practice I was passing too much, passing up open shots and trying to find an open man.  Coach pulled me to the side and told me to just be who I am, score the basketball.  That’s one of my greatest attributes, and he told me go out there and play like I play in Oklahoma City.”
Kevin Durant, prior to the start of the World Championship

“He is a motivational speaker and he really has humor when he talks.  If anything you are going to listen to him because he is going to be a legend, a Hall of Famer I mean in this game.  For him to be coaching me is wonderful.  Too bad I didn’t go to Duke, but it’s great even just being here with him and his staff is great and I am lucky to be on this bus headed to the gym.”
Derrick Rose

“He’s a great motivator.  No matter what, he always tells us that we have to respect our opponents and have to play our hardest and we’ll live with the results.  I love a guy like that.  For him to say that and try to come out here and win a World Championship speaks volumes to me.  He’s such a great coach.  It’s an honor to play for him.”
Kevin Durant

“I’ve grown to really respect him so much more just playing for him and seeing how much he puts into this.  He’s so passionate.  He’s up late hours watching film.  He’s all-in.”
Chauncey Billups

“When he speaks, you listen.  He gets us fired up to play big time.”
Kevin Love

“When you’re watching film, the things he talks about really show in the game.  And that’s something that’s very special.  I really haven’t seen it too much in a coach that he really knows in depth about every possession, every play and plays ahead.”
Kevin Durant

“Mike Krzyzewski deserves tremendous, tremendous praise for the job he’s done.   I’ve never seen anybody stick to it as much as he does.   He’s organized, he’s focused, he sleeps it, he dreams it.”
USA Basketball Managing Director Jerry Colangelo



September 13, 2010 - Posted By Dave Bradley


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